Pursuing a Modern-Day Way of the Sword

For me, study of the sword and its related arts is more than a passion: it is an all-encompassing approach to life. Training since 15 while performing fight shows throughout New England, I  met several early HEMA pioneers and began studying the works of medieval and Renaissance masters. I set my course as an academic and educator, working at the Higgins Armory and other museums before journeying to England to complete my MA in Medieval Studies. I  joined the Royal Armouries Museum, rising over five years to become Curator of Tower Collections at the Tower of London. In 2015 I was awarded the Arms & Armour Heritage Trust Studentship to complete a PhD focusing on late medieval martial arts at the University of Southampton, which I completed in 2018.

In parallel, I have undertaken in-depth study and practice of diverse traditions including Wudang Taijiquan and Internal Arts, the arts of strategy and governance, European and Asian Philosophy, the Ars Memoriae, and meditation. These have enriched my personal practice and helped expand it from pursuit of an interest into a way of living.

The School of Mars is my way to share my research and help others who wish to walk this path.


I offer training in swordplay drawn from the teachings of early European masters, but informed by insights gained from traditions and masters from around the world.

Students have the opportunity to train in person, remotely, or alone with the help of instructional videos. The Training page lists all options for undertaking study.

Training is based upon four key areas:

  • The Physical
    • Techniques of swordplay including movement, attack, and defence.
  • The Mental
    • Training the mind to retain material, maintain focus, and think strategically.
  • The Ethical
    • Conducting oneself well in society and using one’s training responsibly.
  • The Philosophical
    • Meditation and study of how martial practice can provide guidance for living.


The study of arms & armour and historical combat is inherently interdisciplinary. My research will delve into the realms of History, Art History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Forensics, and Materials Science to name just a few.

There are certain principles of combat which are universal. Regardless of the style of fighting, or its place of origin, all share a common core having been developed by humans. Thus, an exploration of all martial arts will only serve to enrich one’s own understanding and practice.

The martial arts world also contains a rich and diverse philosophical tradition. I will explore martial philosophy in all of its manifestations, past and present, including surveys of particular traditions and practices.

You can find articles and videos on these and many other topics on my blog, with additional content found on my Patreon page.