Martial Philosophy







The martial arts world contains a rich and diverse philosophical tradition. Every culture encouraged warriors to live by a particular code of ethics, such as the Chivalric Code of the medieval knight, Bushido (‘Way of the Warrior’) as followed by the samurai, or the Kshatriya Dharma of India’s warrior caste. Arms and combat have also been used allegorically; the Sword of Wisdom cuts through illusion in many esoteric traditions, and Taijiquan is the physical embodiment of the key elements of Daoism. Martial arts is a discipline of the mind as much as the body, so an understanding of this side of practice makes for a well-rounded practitioner.

Explore martial philosophy in all of its manifestations, past and present, including surveys of particular traditions, instructions for a range of practices and exercises, and discussions about how to live The Way of the Warrior today.