Training with The School of Mars

I offer training in swordplay drawn from the teachings of early European masters, but informed by insights gained from traditions and masters from around the world.

Students have the opportunity to train in person, remotely, or alone with the help of instructional videos.

Training is based upon four key areas:

  • The Physical
    • Techniques of swordplay including movement, attack, and defence.
  • The Mental
    • Training the mind to retain material, maintain focus, and think strategically.
  • The Ethical
    • Conducting oneself well in society and using one’s training responsibly.
  • The Philosophical
    • Meditation and study of how martial practice can provide guidance for living.

Self Training

Instructional videos (USD $10/Month)

Want to train on your own with just a bit of structure and guidance? Subscribe to my Patreon page as a Free Scholar for USD $10/Month. In addition to several other benefits, you will get access to my instructional videos covering the fundamentals of the School of Mars sword curriculum.

Remote Training

For those who want a bit more personal attention in their training, there are several options for training with me remotely via Skype, Hangouts, or other similar platforms.

1) Monthly Training Video Feedback (USD $25/Month)

Subscribe to my Patreon page as a Scholar Adeptus for USD $25/Month. In addition to other benefits, you will be able to send me one video per month of yourself performing techniques from the School of Mars curriculum. I will review this and send you detailed personalised feedback on how you can improve.

2) Monthly 1.5hr One-On-One Sessions (USD $50/Month)

Subscribe to my Patreon page as a Provost for USD $50/Month. In addition to the full suite of my Patreon benefits, we will meet up once a month on Skype, Hangouts, or another equivalent platform of your choice for a 1.5hr one-on-one training session.

3) Weekly Remote Training (GBP £80/Month)

Under this training programme, we will meet for 1hr each week on Skype, Hangouts, or an equivalent platform for one-on-one training. You don’t have to subscribe to my Patreon page for this option. Contact me to arrange details.

4) Bespoke Training Arrangements

Would you like to arrange a one-off training session, more frequent sessions, or ones of longer duration? Contact me and we can discuss options and make arrangements to suit your needs.

In-Person Training

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I am not offering any in-person training at the moment.

1) Workshops

I will be offering half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops across various locations in the UK and beyond. These workshops will include introductions to the fundamentals of the School of Mars curriculum and more advanced training. See the Events Calendar page for news of forthcoming workshops.

2) In-Person Private Training

I also offer in-person private training. This programme is bespoke to meet the particular needs of each student. Contact me to discuss options and to make arrangements.